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. Paul. on September 11, 2017. There is a metallic buzzing/vibrating noise when I accelerate. Also happens when cruising in a higher gear and hitting the gas slightly. Sounds like a heat sheild, but they all seem ok. Used to think it was the exhaust vibrating against the gas tank heat sheild (custom exhaust didn't fit quite right and real close.

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Also, in some cases, a bad bearing may make a high-pitched grinding or squealing sound. In either case, the frequency of the sound will correspond to the rotation of the tires. The sound will also increase with vehicle speed (though it may go away at a certain point) and may get louder when turning in one direction or the other.

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6. Whirring Sound Beneath the Car. Noises from underneath a car are tricky. Pinpointing the exact cause of the noise can be extremely difficult. But if you hear a whirring sound under your car, and you find that the vehicle is pulling to one side as you drive it, chances are that a wheel bearing is shot in one or more of the tires.

Rear axle noises will generally happen when it is under load, like only when accelerating. If the noise changes pitch when you are on or off the gas pedal, the source can be in the driveline - rear axle, driveshaft, etc. If none of this helps, have a certified technician look into the driveline noise to isolate the exact cause.

The car makes a humming noise during acceleration. It is not terribly loud, but it is definitely noticeable. However, it doesn't seem to affect the car in anyway. I have never had a problem out of the car. The previous owner (had the car from 60k-150k) started hearing the noise, and had it taken to multiple shops, none of which could figure out.

When your driving it and the noise is apperant, try doing what they do in nascar to warm up there tires, moving back and forth, ( do it safely) does the pitch change or stay steady. if the pitch changes, its a bad bearing somewhere, if not its probally the tires [/quote:b8b68aa64f] Thank you for the response.

margin051. Just in the last couple days I've noticed a noise consistently coming from under the hood when I apply any pressure to the gas pedal. From 0 to 40 mph it rises consistently in pitch, not affected by gears shifting. If I take my foot off the pedal at all, it goes away. At highway speed, it is there at a very high pitch, but is more. when going faster than 20 mph, car makes humming noise from front of car But there is no specific problem that can create humming noise on your car while accelerating For me this noise is sort of like the noise that a car makes when you go 30mph in reverse It starts making noise around 20mphgets intense at 55mphthen tones down at 70-80mph Hello ....

1. Low Fuel Levels. When your car is running low on fuel you may encounter an unwanted whistle or two made by your car. It may be followed by a ticking sound every time you accelerate or take a turn i.e. every time you put extra stress on the engine. Always make sure your car maintains at least a minimum amount of oil in it.. definitely sounds like an exhaust leak somewhere. Lord_Vektra. 03-15-2002, 11:21 AM. people pay good money to get that sound out of the civic :D. 94civic. 03-15-2002, 01:05 PM. its more than likely your exhaust. check your headers and see if the gaskets are gone or its loose. sylojai. 03-15-2002, 01:31 PM.

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Common Causes of Whining Noise When Accelerating #1 - Transmission Issues Severity #2 - Bearing Wear of Belt Driven Components Severity #3 - Dry, Cracked, or Slipping Serpentine Belt Severity #4 - Worn Wheel Bearings Severity Common Causes of Whining Noise When Accelerating.

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The first one is- a turned steering wheel. Anytime your car steering wheel is not in a neutral position that could create a humming noise in the car. But you must check out for an alignment issues on the car to solve this problem out. Next is the second possible reason which is, loosen a steering belt..

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With the vehicle in neutral, press down lightly on the gas. If the strange sound starts and is the same as the whining noise when accelerating, then you could have engine problems. If the car sounds healthy, the issue is most likely further down the drivetrain. Whether that is in the transmission. Or in the wheels.

I have a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe with 120,000 miles and I have recently begun to hear a whirring or humming noise from the front of the car when I start the car and when I drive the car. Any suggestions.

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Humming noise when accelerating. Maintenance/Repairs. toyota, camry. togaswimmer April 11, 2011, 3:02am #1. Hello, I am trying to diagnose a sound that is coming from my 2001 Camry 2.2L. ... Especially if you just secured it only top two screws it will vibrate and touch the body of the car while driving and thus making humming sound due to.

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Feb 25, 2018 · A humming sound heard at idle has to be something that moves even while the car doesn’t. This could be a drive belt or one of the components driven by the drive belt, such as the power steering pump, air conditioning compressor, water pump, or one of the idlers that hold the belt in place. Air escaping through a leak can also cause a distinct ....

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when going faster than 20 mph, car makes humming noise from front of car But there is no specific problem that can create humming noise on your car while accelerating For me this noise is sort of like the noise that a car makes when you go 30mph in reverse It starts making noise around 20mphgets intense at 55mphthen tones down at 70-80mph Hello ....

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If you have a rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive car then the humming noise can be caused by a worn-out rear axle reducer, especially if the noise is heard from the back of the car. Like in the case of a damaged wheel bearing and low transmission oil level, the sound is louder. The wear of the rear axle reducer can be caused by a low oil level ....

The best I can describe - uphill or on acceleration, a bit harder than normal, start to hear the hum/drone/whine, car upshifts, noise goes away as you move into another gear and the engine RPM drops. Step on it again, hear the same noise when it downshifts. Basically, it happens when you put some load on the engine/transmission and when it. If you're dealing with a car making loud noises when accelerating, the problem differs depending on the type of noise you're hearing. Here are the common noises that you might hear: 1. Squealing and squeaking noises due to a.

If a car has a loud humming noise when accelerating, it could be that the air filter is missing. The air filter housing might also be loose. A loud humming noise can also be a signal that there is something wrong with the alternator belt or the fan belt. While driving, you hear a low-pitched hum. As you accelerate, the noise gets louder – maybe it sounds like an aeroplane taking off – but after a certain speed the volume is consistent. When you make a turn, the noise gets louder; but if you turn the other way, it disappears. What it could mean: This is most likely a wheel bearing noise. It ....

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Now, if you are facing whining noises or singing noises whenever you are accelerating, there are several causes for that. One is a faulty transmission. When your transmission is faulty, it probably will have issues with the gears. So, whenever you accelerate, the gears move and make the noise. Another reason can cause a fluid leakage in your.